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From the Book of GEBB: The Rewind Download the rewind sheet here. What is The Rewind? The Rewind is a method to help give you a little more control and a little more real time awareness of your thoughts and emotions, especially the ones that at... Continue Reading →

90-Day Challenge- Day #4/5

So I'm just now getting around to posting days 4 and 5.  I was able to meditate on day 4, and exercise a little, but not a whole lot.  It was rather disorganized kung fu instruction for the kids again,... Continue Reading →

Managing Stress/Anxiety

Ok, so I have what? If you happened to read the article I wrote on anxiety, you might be reading this article because you think you might have an issue with anxiety, stress, or panic attacks, and you might... Continue Reading →

Anxiety…what is it?

Anxiety...what is it? In America today, most adults have spoken to someone, or personally experienced/suffered anxiety and anxiety related symptoms, or even panic attacks.  Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusion, and a lack of information on the subject, so... Continue Reading →

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