About David

DCF 1.0

Having done many things and held many positions in life and career, along with making a lot of mistakes in his life, drugs and otherwise, David brings his personal and professional experience, education, and fanaticism for all things science, and in particular psychology, together to try and help people in any way he can.  Whether it’s Business, Consulting, Law, Psychology, HealthCare, or Addictions, David is eager to help and has experience to go with it.

David remarks:

“My wife and others used to razz me a bit and say ‘what kind of job can you possibly get that would actually make use of your experiences being an EMT, a piano teacher(and others), and have a head full of useless and unrelated knowledge?’  I found the job, and it’s in the field of psychology.  Every day/week I get to meet with people for any number of issues, and I get to draw on my knowledge base and experience to be able to quickly develop rapport, figure out what the problems are and what people’s goals are, and come up with a plan. And it’s hard to get bored given the variety that is the human condition and its resulting behaviors.”

Though David still sees patients regularly at his private practice in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, he has his sights set on even larger goals.

On his new ventures:

“Everyone has something they’re passionate about, and most people love to talk about that which they are passionate about.  I love working with my patients.  To see my patients come in and work with me and allow me to listen to their stories and allow me to help them is an honor and a privilege, and I love watching them succeed.  I’ll probably never stop doing therapy, but I know there’s more I can do to reach and help more people.   I have this very real passion for all things Psychology and for helping people.  I also have varied interests outside of Psychology.  I love science, especially Neuropsychology and Neurology, and the seemingly unrelated field of Physics/Engineering.  One thing that really gets me energized and excited is the connections between those fields, how thoroughly interconnected we are with each other and the physical universe we live in, and telling people about it.”

David on the genesis of The GEBB Method:

“GEBB is a fusion of my work and life experiences, degrees and education, and practical work and observations with people on what really works in life.  Years ago a patient once told me that I was one of the only people they knew that could ‘politely give someone both barrels’ and not have them mad at me afterward.  I found the comment amusing and didn’t give it too much thought until I remembered something one of my favorite professors said to me once ‘If you develop a theory or a method to help people, give it a name that isn’t too descriptive…make it silly even.’  So the idea of ‘Give Em Both Barrels’ led to The GEBB Method. At its core is the idea of helping others by first making yourself healthy, and reasonably immune to everyone else’s problems.  This is tempered with a solid foothold on reality and objectivity.”

David holds Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Psychology and Counseling Psychology(with added emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy).  He presently works at his private practice in Lee’s Summit, Missouri and lives in the Greater Kansas City area with his wife and children.  In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family, woodworking, hobby engineering, and pondering all of life’s imponderables. He also has a rather unhealthy penchant for bacon.


To make an appointment with David for counseling/therapy, please call 816-246-4465, email at david@davidprobbins.com,  or go to healing-grace.com.

If you’re looking to contact David for other services, such as speaking engagements, consulting, or others, please contact him at 816-396-0181, or email him at david@davidprobbins.com.