The Daily Therapist: The Magic of Therapy







This job is a weird one.  Even I think it’s weird.  Here, ponder Sigmund Freud’s Sofa for a moment, yes, his actual sofa.


So you’re supposed to come to my office and we talk and get to know one another and the magical therapy thing will eventually start to happen and then you’ll be magically fixed or cured of your depression/anxiety/anger problem, right?

Well, sort of…

Fix or cure is relative.  It’s all about symptom reduction and level of functioning and such.  But what does exactly happen in therapy?  Is there some sort of magic that actually happens?

Well, ya.  There seems to be something that happens.

Do a google search for a video “carl rogers versus Albert ellis” and you will get an interesting contrast between two legendary therapists who had categorically different approaches to treatment, yet similar outcomes.  Always begs the question of how things can be different and yet both approaches get results.

The quick and simple answer is that sooo much of therapy is just having a good relationship with the therapist and being able to openly talk to them.  I remember reading or hearing someone once say “there’s a certain comfort in talking to a stranger.”  I think this is so true.  There have been loads of studies on effectiveness of therapy and why it can be effective.  Google “Hans Eysenck therapy vs no therapy” and you’ll get loads of good info on the subject.

So my quick message here today is simple:  therapy works, if by no other mechanism than simply talking to a stranger that cares about you, but isn’t in the middle of all your drama.  Give it shot.  It’s worth the time and money.



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