The Daily Therapist: Things That Make Me Happy

It’s Friday, so in the name of all things Friday in the United States and our love of Fridays because it’s the last day of the work week for a lot of people, I thought I would share something that makes me happy: Chickens.

Some folks, mainly my patients, have noticed that I don’t talk much about being “happy.”  This is an accurate observation.  Many have asked me why I don’t talk much about it.  There’s a lot of reasons that I don’t speak much of it, but if I had to say the main reason, it’s because happiness is such a subjective thing, and my goal is always to first teach people how to just be feeling “not bad” and/or neutral, and what makes one person happy might not work for another.  For example…

You might really like Ice Skating.  Ice skating might make you feel really happy.  I, however, would not have the same feelings.  I would enjoy the activity, but wouldn’t be overly happy.  Or let’s say grooming your cat makes you feel really happy, but I would only feel a basic sense of satisfaction in doing the same activity.  Or let’s take Chickens.

So the little white chicken in the above picture(his name is Cotton) is a rooster, believe it or not.  I really enjoy our pet chickens, and nothing made me happier when we found out the other day that Cotton was for sure a rooster.  We know this because he started crowing, and it’s hilarious.  Cotton is a silkie rooster, which are generally a smaller breed, and so his crowing sounds like a larger rooster took a shot of helium before crowing.  It’s too funny.  But again, you might not be all that excited are happy about it like I was, and that’s ok.

The other main reason that I don’t always talk about being happy with my patients is that I find if I can help people simply feel “not bad” and/or neutral, that they work happiness out on their own.  It’s kind of a neat thing to do with people, and for yourself.

So the next time you’re worrying about happiness, perhaps you should work on being not bad and neutral first.  Happiness, I think you’ll find, will then be much easier to obtain.


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