The Daily Therapist: Get some perspective

Just a short message here scholars.


I always remind people that I experience stress too.  I do NOT have the perfect and ideal life like people either want or think other people have.  I suffer many of the same issues and pitfalls that most other people suffer.  I have bills to pay, mouths to feed, a wife and family to be a good husband and father to.  Sometimes life just gets you.  It’s nothing that you did or didn’t do.  It just is; and it’s a hard pill to swallow sometimes.


Sometimes, though, how we react and respond to life events and how it’s perceived is truly a matter of perspective.

We had some cell phone drama last week, and are still having some.  It’s harvest time out in my little country community and some of the local farmers are running equipment very late into the night, and starting very early in the morning.  My dog is an idiot.  My kids have their issues.  I think you get the idea.  However, at present, and as far as problems go, I have relatively very few problems.  Like my Dad used to say when I was a kid, “Son, there’s starving kids living in grass and mud huts in Ethiopia.  Stop complaining about your dinner.”  Might sound a bit silly, but it’s true.  Here in the United States we have a list of First World problems, like not having great internet, or the biggest house or newest car or newest/fanciest shoes.  Comparatively speaking, we have very few real problems.

Some folks don’t like the comparison statement of “it could always be worse.”  Well, the reality is that it CAN always be worse.  And here in the U.S. we have a low percentage of big problems to deal with.  Problems are still problems, but when I remind myself of what kinds of problems I used to have, many of which were of my own doing, I get less worked up about cell phones and other piddly little things.

Mind you, I’m probably writing all this to remind myself more than anyone else, but I still think it’s true and valid.

Moral to the story:  Don’t forget what you have, and don’t forget what you have that’s good.  Reminding yourself of these things can absolutely change your perspective.


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