The Daily Therapist: Juggling Your Life

Here’s what the last few days have consisted of for me:

  • We went a week without phones(switching carriers and there were massive delays), and just now got them back.
  • Had some crazy work stress that was very distracting
  • Had a huge amount of calls, emails, and correspondence to take care of that I just couldn’t seem to get ahead of
  • Had 2 fairly important business meetings
  • Did an interview/chat on a podcast(lots of fun!)
  • Remodeling our house(I’m doing a lot of the work)
  • My wife is pregnant with our 3rd child

I could add more, but I think you get the idea.












I think the above picture is appropriate to represent how I’ve been feeling lately.  And it hasn’t just been the last few days.  The last few weeks/months have been pretty intense and there’s been a lot of juggling going on in my life.  I have about 500 irons in the fire, and I’m seeing which ones are hot enough to work with. The dude in this picture doesn’t look near frazzled enough to represent how I’ve been feeling.

Mind you, this isn’t an article for me to piss and moan in.  I just wanted to speak briefly to how hard it can be to juggle priorities in your life.  In my life I have my wife and children, and I have work(private psychotherapy practice) and various work/business ventures.  Prioritizing is a skill all its own.  I meant to have this article written yesterday but instead I fell asleep on the sofa in my living room before it could be written.  I’m only just now writing it because of all the priorities I put first today.  But today was so worth it.

It was a great day with my family, pretty relaxing, had fun, laughed a lot.

Prioritizing isn’t all about what’s important because of work related responsibilities, it’s knowing what’s actually important in life.  People define this different ways, but if I focus too much on work and miss opportunities to connect with my wife and kids, I’ve lost.

Sometimes it’s just good to run around, eat good food, do some shopping, laugh a lot in the car, and do nothing else. Responsible is always going to be waiting for you.  A little procrastination won’t hurt every now and again either.

Moral to the story: HAVE FUN!  LIVE LIFE!



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