The Daily Therapist: Quickie Book Review- Rethinking Narcissism

My thoughts for today are divided among many topics, such as the Hurricane issues down south, scheduling patients, and so many other things.  In the middle of it all is a book I’m reading AGAIN.  It’s called “Rethinking Narcissism” by Craig Malkin.

It’s a really fantastic book for laypeople and professionals alike.  Many people hear the word “narcissism” and have all sorts of ideas, most of which are bad.  Dr. Malkin explores the other areas of narcissism not often spoken about, but at least some of us professionals have been aware of.  Narcissism is a personality trait that everyone has certain amounts of, and this book helps to give a more complete view of this trait, AND the disorder that so often frightens people when they hear the term.

I encourage you to give it a read.  You won’t regret it.  Very enlightening.  What’s great is that Dr. Malkin is very user friendly, and he might even answer a question or two if you catch him on twitter. @DrCraigMalkin

Read, learn, and enjoy! And use your new found knowledge and powers for good, not evil!


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