90-day Challenge, Day #??


Getting Back on track.


I don’t even know where to begin.

This 90-day challenge has been a comedy of errors at times.  I haven’t written every day, and I haven’t exercised every day.  In my defense, I was sick for a bit and acquired an injury due to being sick, but all last week I was definitely ok to exercise and I just didn’t.  I have no excuse.  I just didn’t do it.

What DID I do?  Good question.

I was a bit mopey that week I think because I was upset that I had injured myself and had done so in a way that didn’t involve me being batman.  So that’s a bit depressing.  I’m not completely healed and won’t be for some time, but I CAN exercise, so i got back to it yesterday.  I had still been doing Kung Fu with the kiddos, but I’ve started back with my own personal exercise.

I’m not going to write down everything I did because I’m being lazy as I’m still trying to decide what my regular workout is going to be.  I will however talk about one thing in particular.


Ok, so I had some formal training years ago in weapons, but I didn’t do as much with it as I should have.  Lacking a proper instructor for what I presently want that is within a decent driving distance of my house, I decided to get some DVD’s on the subject of Shaolin Saber.  Now, before you start making fun of me for getting a silly martial arts DVD, hear me out.

I’ve had plenty of training over the years.  A well made DVD will actually give me an awful lot of instruction on this, and I’m not looking to become an expert.  I just want to have some self study and do this with my children and have fun.

One of the things that I keep coming back to on all this is that change is hard, and you have to keep trying and keep going.  Stuff in life is going to get in your way and knock you down.  Get back up and keep on it.



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