90-Day Challenge Day 15

Looks can be deceiving

I’m really struggling with writing the last few days.  I’ve actually exercised every day this week, so there is a good thing going on, but the writing…


I like writing too.  But for some reason I’ve had a case of the Monday’s all week, and I just don’t want to do much except have fun outside.  Terrible, I know, but I can admit it at least.  And I’ll admit I’m not posting every day.  I want to.  I’m trying.  We’ll see if I can improve.

Yesterday while I was waiting for a patient who was running late I decided to be productive.  I had plenty of paperwork and such to do, so I didn’t do any of it and re-potted the bamboo in my office.

IMG_0833The little planter in front is what it originally came in.  I got it from home depot and it was already twisted in the shape you see in front of you.  It was outgrowing the pot, so I put it in a larger one and I believe I will buy some miracle grow and see if I can turn my office into a bamboo forest.  I’m picturing myself right now doing therapy in a room so stuffed full of bamboo that you can’t see your own hands, much less the patient 6 feet in front of you.

One of our post-grad residents walked in as I was re-potting.  He and I both agree that we wish to purchase some hardy, fast growing bamboo and turn part of our backyards into lush bamboo forests.  I wish to make a little natural barrier in the shape of a giant circle out of this bamboo so I can hide in it in the summer.  This idea pleases me.  I would then grow extra bamboo for timber and make more furniture and practice weapons and my friend Mark and I can become Bamboo magnates of the midwest and…well, I digress.

I really do want a natural bamboo sanctuary in my yard…and I do want more bamboo in my office.

Anyway, several posts ago I had commented that my Hapkido instructor who was a world kickboxing champ had said that one shouldn’t worry about their physical appearance when it comes to being fit and in shape.  Eat right, exercise, have goals on how you want your body to be able to move, and don’t worry about if you have some extra fluff on your belly.

And I have to say, it’s good advice.

For example, I’m getting back into doing some regular kung fu forms, mostly because my daughter wants to learn, and I am willing to teach her, but in order to best teach her, I need to be able to do it well again myself.  Some of these movements are not easy for someone who hasn’t done martial arts, and I will also say that this is true even for people that are already in really good shape, because you’re moving your body in ways it doesn’t typically get moved.  You might be able to do 100 squats in a row with 15-20 lbs of added weight, but there’s some modified squatting movements in some of these forms that would have you falling over because you aren’t used to it.

I say all this because my old Hapkido instructor was definitely right.  I sometimes get hung up on what I physically look like, but I really shouldn’t as it isn’t a great indicator of how good of shape I’m in.  I’ve also witnessed this as well.  When I was learning Taekwondo, my instructor was really into the cardio side of things.  My goodness, you moved A LOT.  What’s interesting is that though I did lose weight, I wasn’t ripped such as it was.  I was fit, but I didn’t have the 6 pack abs that everyone thinks they want.  Some would argue that is a bad thing and that I was doing something wrong however, I had friends at the time that looked like they were carved out of a block of marble, and yet I could easily do crazy things they couldn’t, like leap over standing/floor punching bags and people that were taller than I was.

That was a bit longer than I wanted it to be, but I just said that to say that I am quickly getting back to moving myself how I want to move myself, despite the fact that I don’t look the way I want to look.  It’s something that I’m trying to get over and work through: my appearance.

Again, looks can be deceiving.  So don’t fret, keep at it, and don’t give up!



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