90-Day Challenge, Day 14

Life, Wushu, and the Jolly Llama


This picture shamelessly lifted from llamaland.com


So it’s been a bit of a rough week, but let’s start with the positives…

On day 6, I did actually get a decent amount of exercise in.  I wish I could tell you how much, but I didn’t write it down.  There’s a reason to be disclosed later.

On day 7, I got a really good workout, also didn’t write down how much. Same reason as above.

Days 8-10…ZERO exercise.  Zero meditation.  Ugh.

But life happens.

If you read my previous post, my kiddos had become ill, and I had to tend to them.  I did get some exercise and such in, but it was restricted.  Well, that was on a Thursday/Friday.  By the time Friday evening and Saturday morning rolled around, my wife was sick as well.  I was thinking that I might be able to escape the illness.  After all, I did in fact get a good workout in on Saturday, AND Sunday(days 6 and 7).  I was feeling pretty good.  Unfortunately, I didn’t squeak by unscathed.  Late Sunday evening into VERY early Monday morning I was attacked by the sickness.

My goodness, what an attack it was.

For the sake of the perhaps 3 people that read this blog, I won’t get overly descriptive in my vomiting and intestinal difficulties, except to say that I had almost 10 hours straight of running back and forth to the toilet, my torso felt like it was on fire and I got really sleep deprived and dehydrated and at one point I got fixated on this spot on my bathroom floor that looked a bit like a llama.

It really did look like a llama.

Seriously.  Here, look:

floor llama labeled

In between heaves is when it happened.

I hallucinated.

I almost passed out a few times during the whole mess, and having been an EMT in a past life, when someone says that they “almost passed out a few times”, there’s a good chance they DID in fact pass out.  Regardless, I totally hallucinated.  No drugs, no intentionally induced altered states of consciousness.  It was delirium at its finest.

This llama was so freaking jolly.  I knew he wasn’t real, and even told him so, but he just looked at me and smiled a lot and was very encouraging.  He wouldn’t tell me his name, stating that I already knew it.  Which makes sense since he was a figment of my imagination.  About 4 hours into the delirium filled vomiting, while I was curled up in the fetal position on the floor of my shower with the water pelting my back, I realized his name.  THE.  JOLLY.  LLAMA.

Ok.  Seriously scholars.  This is what my mind does to me?  Animal hallucinations with terrible puns?  Do you get the joke?  I even commented on this to the llama.  He seemed so happy that I figured out his name.  Ugh.

At any rate, part of the reason that it took so long for me to get back on track with exercise and writing is that nearly all of last week I could barely eat anything.  And I mean anything.  It was awful.  Without getting into other gross and superfluous details, everything I ate an drank made me bloated and nauseated.  Food in general just sounded terrible.

And as for the aforementioned reasons for not writing things down, well, I’m gonna blame my kids.  🙂  Mind you, I’m doing this for a really good reason, and it’s really the point of this post.

My children and very important to me.  Yes, if I don’t take care of myself physically I could increase the risk of me not being around as long as I could otherwise, but in the middle of all this nonsense my children reminded me of some things.  Namely, some rather important things. Like spending time with my kids and wife…and doing activities together…and that my children apparently share my love for martial arts and asian culture.

My daughter is suddenly turning into quite the Wushu Warrior.  She really is.  She’s suddenly a very quick study who just about broke my arm yesterday(not even kidding), and she’s only 9 years old.  Here’s the thing though, I’m not looking for her or my son to get good enough to the point they could be competitive.  I suppose if they want something more organized and formal, I can splurge on finding an instructor, however I’ve had just enough training to do just fine on my own, and the most important thing here is that it’s our thing.  My kids will have fond memories of us getting funny looks from the neighbors as we fly around the backyard practicing our shaolin kung fu and sword techniques.

And the best part?

I get LOADS of exercise.  I’m going to have to chat with my fitness/trainer friends to see how much of a workout I’m actually getting(mainly because I’m curious), but I know I’m movin’.

One of my old instructors told me that as long as you keep good healthy habits otherwise, just move your body until it does what you want, and don’t worry about your weight or fat distribution.  He was a world champion in kickboxing.  He might know something there.

Anyway, I think if you take anything away from this discombobulated mess of a blog post, it’s to live life, and have fun.  Cherish EVERYTHING.  It’s all we have in this part of life.  Make it count.






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