David P Robbins


April 2016

90-day Challenge, Day #??

Getting Back on track.   I don't even know where to begin. This 90-day challenge has been a comedy of errors at times.  I haven't written every day, and I haven't exercised every day.  In my defense, I was sick... Continue Reading →

90-Day Challenge Day 15

Looks can be deceiving I'm really struggling with writing the last few days.  I've actually exercised every day this week, so there is a good thing going on, but the writing... Ugh. I like writing too.  But for some reason... Continue Reading →

90-Day Challenge, Day 14

Life, Wushu, and the Jolly Llama This picture shamelessly lifted from   So it's been a bit of a rough week, but let's start with the positives... On day 6, I did actually get a decent amount of exercise... Continue Reading →

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