90-Day Challenge, Day #2

NEiGc45LMF54lj_1_bSo I have developed this rather unhealthy obsession about the TV show Arrow.  The Green Arrow has had several incarnations in comics and tv, but this latest tv version is just glorious.  I won’t waste time ranting about how much I love the show and why, but there’s a reason I bring this up.  I give you my next exhibit:

IMG_0794This is me, barely awake and bleary eyed due to me binge watching Arrow on Netflix till 2:30 in the morning and only getting about 4.5 hours of asleep.  I’m kind of surprised how pleasant I actually look in this picture given how early it was.  Needless to say, this really shot my motivation for the morning.  I did, however, manage to do a little bit of exercising…

A little bit…


So in the morning I managed to do some(not sure how many) curls with dumbbells, 10 jumping squats, 30 knees raises(each knee)and 20 pushups.

In the evening I didn’t even remotely do what I wanted(bow resistance, basic sword forms), but I did get to do a little White Crane and Wing Chun Kung Fu with the kids.  It was a bit more of a teaching moment then an exercise moment.

I can’t say how many minutes worth of exercise I actually did.  I feel like I didn’t do a whole lot…and I totally DID NOT get to meditate.  Baby steps though.  Gotta do the baby steps.  Publicly announcing this challenge and writing about it helps with the accountability.

I’m really striving for routine, but I am realistic and I know it takes time.

I have a million thoughts, but I think I will end with this little bit of wisdom:


I really like citrus.

So at the end of the day I juiced 2 lemons, 6 mandarin oranges, and a grapefruit.  It was super tasty and satisfying.  Citrus is supposed to be detoxifying, and I will tell you this, I filled the 30oz cup you see in the picture, and I can guarantee that there’s way less calories in that than packaged orange juice.  It also doesn’t give anything any time to oxidize so it tastes better too!

We’ll see what day 3 has for us tomorrow!


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