90-Day Challenge

90-day bannerSome might be asking, “what is your 90-day challenge?”

It’s simply this:

I used to be in really good shape.  Though I’m not overweight, or terribly inactive, I could be in better shape, and I’m not getting any younger.  I’ve also learned a few things about life in general, including fitness and a healthy lifestyle.  So here I am, issuing a challenge to myself to develop better healthy lifestyle habits, and I intend to document this for anyone who comes across this.  I will blog about the experience, and I intend to do this daily for 90 days.  There’s so many things that I used to do regularly in the past that kept me fit, and I need to do them again.  My mind, body, and spirit will thank me.

The plan

Days 1-30

Daily Yoga, meditation(15 minutes or more), and martial arts

The goal is to be regularly engaging in 45 minutes of physical exercise by the end of day 30.

Large diet changes are not on the agenda here.

Days 31-60

Continuing in the above, but do 30-60 minutes of meditation, and 60-90 minutes of physical exercise by the end of day 60.

Adjust any diet/food issues during this time.

Days 61-90

Continuing in all of the above, but have worked up to 60-90 minutes of meditation, and 90-120 minutes of physical exercise by the end of day 90.

Hopefully having re-developed daily healthy living habits by the end of this odyssey.

And everyone gets to throw their two cents worth in on this.  So get out the red pens and critical eyes and comment away!


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